Lebenswert Organic Formula

Lebenswert is a relatively new player in the organic baby formula industry, initially introduced in Europe in 2009 by Holle. Despite being a newcomer, Lebenswert upholds the same principles and expertise that Holle has cultivated over its impressive 85-year history of research and development. Today, Lebenswert embodies the pinnacle of organic quality, evident in its focused yet limited product lineup.

Lebenswert takes pride in securing Bioland certification for all its formula offerings, an accomplishment unparalleled in the baby formula industry and unmatched by other major manufacturers. This Bioland certification is attainable solely because of Lebenswert's commitment to 100% organic and sustainable farming practices, including natural compost utilization, rigorous animal welfare standards, and the exclusion of synthetic elements in its formulas.

The simplicity of the wholesome and top-quality ingredients used in Lebenswert's product range makes their formulas highly digestible. If you seek formulas with a minimalistic ingredient list that offers both nutritional richness and purity, Lebenswert is an excellent choice and forms the basis for a nourishing and easily digestible diet.

What makes European Organic formula better?