HiPP Bio Stage 2 (No Starch)

Organic European Baby Formula

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HiPP Organic Combiotik Stage 2 (No Starch)

 (6-10 months)

NOTE: This formula is starch-free and comparable to HiPP Dutch Stage 2. 

This follow-on formula is intended for use as part of a mixed diet after the sixth month for babies that are already receiving complimentary food or breastmilk. In contrast to Stage 2, This version has no added starch, and can be used directly after HiPP Bio Stage PRE for those wishing to feed a starch-free formula. 

Stage 2 and Stage 3 have higher vitamins and minerals, more caloric value, and most importantly higher iron levels. European Baby formulas have added iron from the 6 month onwards because babies have adequate iron stores after birth up until this stage when it becomes especially important.

For those seeking alternatives, we recommend HiPP Dutch Stage 2 (also starch-free) or HiPP Bio Stage 2.

Follow-on formulas include HiPP Bio Stage 3 and, later on, HiPP Kindermilch 1+.

skimmed milk*, vegetable oils* (palm oil 3, rapeseed oil*, sunflower oil*), whey product*, lactose*, galactooligosaccharides* from lactose*, fish oil 1, calcium carbonate, potassium chloride, calcium orthophosphate, emulsifier lecithins*, sodium selenite, l-tyrosine, zinc sulfate, l-tryptophan, magnesium carbonate, vitamin c, ferrous sulfate, l-cystine, potassium iodate, sodium citrate, natural lactic acid cultures (limosilactobacillus fermentum hereditum®) 2, vitamin e, niacin, copper sulfate, pantothenic acid, vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin B6, manganese sulfate, metafolin®3 (calcium l-methylfolate), vitamin K, vitamin D, biotin. *from organic production

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Suki N.

Super happy there's a no starch version for stage 2. Start off with stage PRE and then go with Stage 2.

Olena J.

HiPP no starch - this formula is great. We went with this right after stage PRE and my baby loves it!

WHY DO BABIES LOVE HiPP Bio Combiotik Stage 2 (No Starch) FORMULA?

HiPP Bio Stage 2 (Starch Free) Combiotic Infant Milk Formula is a nourishing and easily digestible formula that's ideal for infants from 6 - 10 months old. This formula is composed exclusively of organic ingredients, including organic skim milk, organic whey protein, and a blend of organic vegetable oils. It’s free of added sugar and maltodextrin, which many babies find difficult to break down, and includes no added starch, unlike HiPP German Stage 2.

HiPP German Stage 2 (No Starch) is designed to be used as a complementary option alongside breastfeeding or as a complete replacement.

If you're searching for a formula that's brimming with vitamins, natural nutrients, fortified with iron, and lactose-rich, all derived from organic cow's milk, then HiPP German Stage 2 is a great choice. This formula has been meticulously crafted with flavour in mind, and it also incorporates essential probiotics and prebiotics that support your baby's digestive system development, just like breast milk. Moreover, the naturally occurring omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, DHA, and AA, can contribute to the healthy development of your baby's eyes, brain, and nervous system.

For those seeking alternatives, we recommend HiPP Dutch Stage 2 (also starch-free) or HiPP Bio Stage 2.

Follow-on formulas include HiPP Bio Stage 3 and, later on, HiPP Kindermilch 1+.

The Secret Ingredient

HiPP Combiotik formulas contain an exclusive combination of both Probiotics and HiPP Prebiotics, clinically proven to help infants develop and maintain healthy gut microbiota. 

Lactobacillus fermentum (L.fermentum) are natural lactic acid producing microorganisms. HiPP COMBIOTIC® is the only formula brand that uses this probiotic which has not been genetically modified.

Galacto-oligosaccharides (GOS) is an organic prebiotic that functions as "food" for probiotics and is derived from natural lactose.


  1. IMPORTANT: Only use the scoop provided in the box.
  2. Clean and Sterilize everything (bottle, nipple and ring)
  3. Use freshly boiled water only
  4. Cool water to optimal mixing temperature at or below 122°F / 50°C
  5. Add desired amount of water to bottle using the volumes in the feeding table below. 
  6. Add one unpacked scoop of formula for every 30 mL of water.
  7. Shake well until dissolved and no lumps remain
  8. Cool to drinking temperature at or below 98.6°F / 37°C
  9. Happy feeding!

Care instructions

  1. Expiration date is indicated on each box in the European format DD/MM/YY
  2. Store formula powder in a cool, dry place. Do not refrigerate
  3. Keep airtight and use within 3 weeks
  4. Only use the scoop provided. Do not mix with anything else (such as other milk)
  5. Use the bottle of prepared formula within 1 hour
  6. If refrigerated, a prepared bottle of formula should be used within 2-12 hours

The amount of formula needed per month depends on your baby's eating habits, and whether or not formula is their primary source of food. Below you'll find a sample table for ages 0 - 12+ months based on a 600 g package of HiPP Bio Stage 2 (No Starch) formula.

Age Water Scoops Formula Volume Meals Per Day Packs Needed
0-3 Months 90 ml (3 oz) 3 100 ml (3.2 oz) 5-7 5 / month
3-6 Months 120 ml (4 oz) 4 135 ml (4.6oz) 5-7 6 / month
6-10 Months 180 ml (6 oz) 6 200 ml (6.7 oz) 5-6 8 / month
10-12 Months 210 ml (7oz) 7 235 ml (8 oz) 3-4 5 / month
12+ Months 210 ml (8oz) 7 235 ml (8oz) 2-3 4 / month

Certified to the toughest European Standards

Meets the toughest organic farming standards. No refined sweeteners, GMOs or pesticides.

100% certified organic

Made using milk from animals raised on farms free of pesticides, herbicides, synthetic fertilizers, hormones and antibiotics.

No corn syrup

Unlike American formulas. Corn syrup and other types of sugar can be damaging to babies’ gut health, teeth and blood sugar balance.

No soy

Many babies are allergic or intolerant to soy (especially if they’re pre-term). This formula is 100% soy-free.


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Happy baby guarantee

If your baby doesn't vibe well with the formula, we'll give you a credit to try a different one

European Organic Farms

About HiPP

HiPP is a world-renown, family-owned German formula and baby food company with a history dating back to 1932. They are pioneers in European organic farming. They operate a large network of German organic family farms, where they raise grass-fed cows and goats for their formula milk and cultivate organic fruit and vegetables for their delicious weaning foods.

your baby deserves the best

Your baby deserves the best, that’s why HiPP formulas are 100% certified organic - and free of artificial sweeteners, corn syrups and GMOs. HiPP Bio Stage 2 (No starch) formula is also free of allergens including gluten and soy. It also contains added prebiotics and probiotics to improve gut health and digestion.